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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 17, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EST

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it's the purest video. >> to that type of emotion, we hear them cry often. do you need food? it's not that at enormous tears just run down his cheeks. it's who i am >> my kids cry when i sing to nt reasons. [ laughter ] >> we really want you to stop. >> enough, dad, enough. it's who i am it's who i am that's the end of our show. go get a snack, hit the bathroom and catch us on the next "right this minute." p[music]tanley: and the pwonderful thing about god is, he pdoesn't cause us to measure up pand then choose us. pgod takes our inadequate areasses them to do psomething in our lives that's
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guy sees trouble coming his way. >> she just busted my window. >> these two have a history. >> a long, drawn-out history. >> why broken glass and ar are nothing compared to what's next. chocolate, an explorer is making smores. how volcanos when you're hungry. >> snake lovers beware. >> this snake lover decides to
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>> and it never wants to let her a sleeping guy and his girl -- >> having a bit of fun at his expense. >> see the hidden message in all the mess. >> martha stewart over here le did that to those sheets! >> this is what i like to call a little drama for your mama. >> did she just carve something into the paint? >> just keep y're not in love anymore? >> love don't live here anymore. >> apparently it hasn't lived there for awhile. >> she just hit my vehicle right there on the pulls off and scrapes my vehicle. >> you see the person narrating this was in a relationship with the woman who just did a little squiggly squiggly -- >> assuming it >> it didn't end well. but it doesn't end there. she pulls up, backs up -- >> i'm scared. >> i'm wait! >> she's not even supposed to be here. >> there's already two open cases against him that she filed. ying inside. okay. smart dude.
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inside. run! >> when she can't get in she does can't imagine why he broke up with her. >> right? >> these two have a history. >> do you think? >> he claims that these visits have happened>> and she's still the one that files cases against him? >> he's being smart about it. he has it all on camera. you see the smashed window. >> when he lifted that up i wasd she would be at the window. >> is she gone? >> yeah, does she leave? does she come back? >> is she behind him? >> i'm glad you are you doing? don't go outside. >> she's back. [ yelling ] [ screaming ] >> he took one step out the way, he was almost a pancake. >> i'm dying to know. what did he do? >> who knows? she reverses the car, and this brother is like you know what? i'm going back in the house.
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get out of her way. >> she has just smashed my rear windshield. >> and forget anniversaries. >> shattered window to the car, writing on the car, the back rear window is shattered bumper and entire back end dash. >> do me a favor. don't stop following this. i got to know how this goes. >> any information at all on this?his all just went down and so the story is still unfielding. we will try to stay on top of it because i've got to know. the opular camping treat, right? you need a couple of things. the graham crackers, the chocolate, the marshmallow and some heat. bradley ambrose hasgs. >> oh. >> but the heat he's using isn't a simple camp fire. he's using volcanic heat. >> how long is the se a stick. he uses tin foil.
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suggested he try this. is a daredevil and explorer and he frequently visits this volcano in the south pacific. so he puts his first smore >> i'm hoping this is what a smore smore looks like. >> usually you toast the marshmallow first and put it all together. he doesn't have that ability or option so he puts the thing in tin foil, sets it as close to the edge of the mouth of that volcano as he can. and just lets it by mother earth herself. >> so he picks up the smore. on his way back up -- >> oh! >> he's about to become a smore! >> a little bit of a slip a smile he looks back to the camera like, that was close. so how did it come out? >> how does it taste? >> the chocolate melted. theht have been a little bit too large. >> you don't want to overdo it with the marshmallow.
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>> i love how this is aboutwe're talking about how to make a smore. >> you give most of us an option, volcano, smore, i think i'd take the a couple of great videos to sink your teeth into in the latest edition of -- animals attack. we start in thailand. the aftermath of a snaket taken place. people can come up, take pictures with the snake. this young lady does love snakes so much. she decides she'll sneak a kiss. >> no! >> who kisses a nobody. [ screaming ] >> it happened so quick. let's watch itou doing? it's a snake. 8-foot python, thinks it's going first. lady's oh! >> the way the mouth opened up
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>> the thing is the girl went in basically the snake, which is why it reacted. i have a photo at well of the young lady's nose. you can see three massive bite marks. >> wow! >> now, the guys at t said they would cover all medical costs even if there were more costs that continued in china. at the same time there's an investigation they're not really being blamed. >> how could i think she is going to be okay. when elephants attack. >> with love. this is a really sweet video. >> it's all about the story of the relationship between a youngkamlar and derek, the guy driving this tractor. he whips out his camera because every single day when derek turns up, when kamlar gets a look it's a bee linefor him. and it's so sweet. >> kamlar is the small elephant. the young elephant at the front has spotted him and goes straight for him. as soon as up
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just getting so close. and you see the pawing at him with her trunk. >> that's why i lovell fans. they're so big but that's like a gentle giant. motorcycle videos on this show, wild stunts involved. something wild does happen but it's not a stunt. this guy with a camera attached to him passes another motorcycle with two people in brazil ando. that motorcycle that he passed comes alongside. the guy on the back of that motorcycle, he lifts up his shirt and exposes a gun. >> jam on the oesn't hit the brakes, nick. you can seat guy on the back of the bike pointing telling him pull over. this guy moves over a little bit, then he hits the gas. >> you see him pop it in a lower gear and hammer it. >> go, buddy. >> he goes. you can see him. but the problem is -- you could see him get tangled up in that gore point. he gets wobbly. he barely misses that concrete
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>> do they grab his rab his bike. they take off. >> why couldn't it have been them that crashed instead of this guy? >> he was injured but the bad guys did speed away. they didn't get away with his wallet or hise got video of those two guys. clear images with open face helmets on. >> they did get images of those people's faces as they did inas you can see here there is a beautiful christmas tree. city officials say they want to get these people because they were caught on camera stealing ornaments and toys from under the community. they say that the decorations on the tree are worth about $130. they also said the toys had a value of $1800. see if you can person. >> nick? >> more like father christmas. >> oh, no. >> you've got to have a huge pair of ornaments to pull off a stunt like that. >> you can people here right now. but then a group gathers. and you won't believe what they did. >> oh.
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picture has to be there. and if you know them, turn them in. the andre as wall has anessage to move prove. >> he believes in the law of physics so much that he's willing to put himself on the edge of death. >> see what happens when he puts himself on the line to theory. [ yelling ] >> oh, look at that. look at that. and -- >> celebs are talk about trolls because -- >> here how these big names handle the haters. >> i do love the block buttons. pizza for only 50 order any large pizza at regular menu price. better ingredients. x better pizza. better football.
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s you have to be a brainiac to do your own taxes. so we brought in world-renowned brainiac, to help him. take your finger and press it right here. sfx: camera shutter, buzz, bloop.
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it appears.
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you cannot argue with science. the andreas wall decided to to the test. >> here's a quick demonstration of what he's trying to prove. >> will he takes a cup, ties it to the string. this other guy with a cap is a coin and the rest is resting on a pencil. andreas is trying to prove when you let i got that rope is going hat pencil as the coin nears the center that the cup will never make it to the ground and break. but how do we put it to the test? andreas is going to puton the line quite literally to test this theory. he believes in this law of s willing to put himself on the edge of death to prove it. and watch. >> it should work. >> here we go in 3, 2, 1.
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the er down. >> the kettle bell get so close it starts whipping around that bar. >> look at that! >> you know, we've seen this when we've been playing with things as ki knew what the theory was. you never learned that until you got into physics class. >> how awesome is this? he gets soground, but yet, the physics behind this law works flawlessly. >> i was genuinely worried there. you can't argue with laws of in stone. but even then, dude! e all know, people on the internet and on social media are pretty opinionated. >> what? no. >> sometimes they can say some pretty mean y'd never say it to my face!
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celebrities taking on heard every f bomb and you a hole. >> personality is totally fake. >> i'm annoying. >> my lips are too big. nasty things. >> reality stars, athletes, actors, youtubers are going to get their take on what people e of their responses. >> the thing with social media is it's faceless. so people feel like they can say whatever they want whenever they want and they'll never get y when you can hide behind the keyboard. >> it doesn't just happen to celebrities. well. >> you've got to be able to just block that out, push it interesting to see that celebrities like these people -- >> i had "the bachelor" i don't know what the hell was goingalphalfa side thing.
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>> folks always trying to make a comment about my wig. >> the thing is it's all react to it. i reply to all my troels. i retweet them. >> you said you always have a response. some of these celebritiesh kindness. the old saying goes you can kill folks with kindness. >> or sarcasm. >> to really not take anythingm someone else because it's their poison not your poison. >> if you'd like to see this r click the tv show or mobile app. >> if you have anything to say just keep it to yourself. >> no response is the best response. >> silence is conducts a compelling interview with his daughter. >> why do you choose to not family? >> i don't know, daddy. >> why she's got a lot to al. reveal.
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>> and time to visit the wrist channel again. >> watch his wristly.
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new customers can save an average of $500 tions provided by . one of my fther-daughter duos is back. >> my name is laguardia cross. this is my 1-year-old daughter ramallah. she's not an infant anymore but i still have a whole lot to>> he started doing interviews with her when she was six weeks old. she's 14 months old. the questions get hat time and
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refuse to sleep through the night. [ babbling ]hey say new parents have to steal naps where they can. i think he tried to steal one but she took it back. >> what animal makes this o you call any of these things here? >> curveball question. what is the signal recording and playback medium developed by >> all right. let's talk sharing. from? piece? oh, my gosh, i was -- oh, wow. >> psych! >> he took way too long. quickly.
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>> why do you choose to not financiallythe family? [ babbling ] >> this is a part where she just bats her eyes at daddy and everything is e credit cards. >> and you wonder why us dads drink so much. >> these are the new father chronicles. he's got a lot more to learns in. >> you'll get there, buddy. we love stuff like ooze things out of pores on the internet. now it's time to visit the wrist he says something gets on his wrist and he takes things around the house sticks it in the gangleon and oozes this. wrist channel? >> this guy has a whole channel dedicated to the growth on his wrist?
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>> it is an synovialcyst but this time he uses a thumb tack. >> i decided i'm going to hammer this into my wrist. >> hammer it in with aver. nice move. >> that's nasty. >> is it going to like erupt? >> oh, no, it just oozes out once he starts going to charge you at the doctor. >> put it on youtube. >> he's going to get gangrene out of it. >> his wrist will fall id you hear what i said? he sterilized it. >> it's going to be beautiful. [ yelling ] >> it's like jelly. what is going to be a wet one, folks. >> if you're unlike charity and you want to see this whole thing uninterrupted go to com or check it out on our mobile app.
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>> martha stewart over here like i can't believe she did that to
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if you love going to love this. it's a time lapse of the world's largest jigsaw puzzle. >> there's a million piece there is. >> 33,000 to be exact. >> the puzzle is called. it's colorful in detail. created by adrien tester. it's about 18 feet long, overtall. >> no one has that much time. >> settle in when you buy it because you'll be here for awhile. >> this is what hell is like. you have the entire puzzle. nd there'll be one piece missing [ laughter ] >> that would be the worst!
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like when they get to the end. >> wow! >> that's really months and no living room but it's pretty. >> yeah. >> voice of an angel. es of passage for right this minute hosts and couples all around the world. usually goes quite conventional. >> hello, guys. [ inaudible ] we decided that we will reveal with the cake. >> they bake themself a cake and inside it's either going to be
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